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While surely our faith is very much an individual matter of the heart, we must acknowledge the obvious design God has given–the design of community. He called us to each other for support, encouragement, and, when needed, a kick in the pants! These relationships are the glue that keep us together.
And all who believed were together, breaking bread in their homes
While some people naturally find ways to share life together, most of us need a clear step to take and a little nudge. Our primary avenue for building relationships with each other while we grow in faith are Connect Groups.
Connect groups are fertile ground for relationships that go beyond the surface, which means we know others (and they know us) at a level we don’t just share with anybody, Connect Groups are bigger than a once-a-week Bible study and feel more like family than a classroom.

John & Jeanne Schiavone’s Home

Home Phone:(607) 562-7580
Wednesdays @ 6PM

Cliff & Darlene Wilson’s Home

Andrew Shepard ( Leader ): (607) 398-1174
Fridays @ 6pm

Alex & Chiara Ruffer’s Home

Alex: (607) 215-3822
Chiara: (607) 215-3823
Wednesdays @ 6pm


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