Sundays at 10:00AM
So God blessed the seventh day and made it holy”
Since the beginning, God has placed a huge priority on His children rallying together, renewing their faith in His love, and living from a place of rest. While some view Sundays as drudgery, we can’t imagine life without this God-ordained Gathering!
We gather to show our appreciation to God as we worship Him.
Since everyone is created different, we all worship a bit differently.
Whether quiet or loud (in-tune or out-of-tune!), standing or sitting–it’s all good! Our challenge to ourselves and to you: be intentional and expect God to move!
The order of worship is always subject to change due to
the Holy Spirit’s leading, but here is our plan:  
// Announcements //Worship // Offering //  Sermon // Worship
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Children’s Ministry 
Do to covid we are ONLY having 1st – 6th grade meet together in Room #1 
Nursery is available for the entire service for infants-3 yrs
Promiseland Kids* (0 yrs-Kindergarten) // Nursery Hallway
KIDS Under Construction* (1st-4th Grade) // Room #1
*Kids stay in the sanctuary until dismissed before the sermon

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