how we do it

Here at The Bridge, strategy is not some scheme, but a way of life. We see these three areas–gathering, connecting, and serving–as rhythms that are necessary for the Christ-follower to walk in God’s fullest!



We believe it is important for every Christian to come together in a corporate gathering of the local body. The main component here is our Sunday Morning Gathering, but may also include other events, like our Christmas Eve service. These gatherings focus on the body coming together to worship, pray, and learn from biblical teaching (typically a sermon).



We believe no Christian should live out their faith alone and needs times where they can develop relationships with their brothers and sisters in Christ. The main component here is our Connect Groups, but really includes all relationships amongst believers. Our desires is to see all of our people involved in “life-on-life discipleship where we encourage, teach, love and challenge one another to grab hold of everything that God has created us for! Connect Groups are our first step toward developing these Jesus-centered, biblically-driven relationships.



We believe that we are designed to make an eternal impact in this world. Jesus has called every believer to salvation, not just to get into heaven, but to do the will of the Father. Here we run several ministries that nurture the lost and facilitate growth. There is always something to do, even if it is helping another church in what they do! If we do not participate in the life-giving work of Jesus, we’ve missed what is central to his character!